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Ruth Watkinson

Ruth Watkinson

Ruth Watkinson graduated from Falmouth University in 2017 with a degree in Fine Art and now lives and works in Edinburgh from a home studio, creating still life and landscape paintings.


Ruth Watkinson is an artist who is interested in elevating and capturing the moments of beauty in everyday life. With an emphasis on light and shape, her paintings carry an ephemeral quality allowing the viewer to slow down whilst viewing these works. Through her careful and sympathetic handling of paint, Ruth's works feel delicate and ambiguous, they can be interpreted in many different forms.

"A lifelong preoccupation with light and landscape has led me to make representational paintings from photographs. The work is a rendering of contemporary moments, depicting not just sights but experiences. It seeks to renew our sense of wonder in the face of the everyday. Through the unpredictable quality of paint and its allusion to touch, image becomes emotional space. This space is yours to occupy. I am fascinated by the way a single image can generate a wealth of disparate response. Ambiguity in the work leaves room for the individual's imagination to interact with the painting. A theme of immersion in the landscape is present: the sensations of wading in cold water or clambering over rocks; the long exhale of breath as we behold the ocean or the sense of solace we find surrounded by an infinity of trees. Tracing our movements between indoors and out. Returning to subjects of light and water, and to us, as elements of the figure appear in glimpses. Documenting what it is to feel, to have skin and to be. Ruth Watkinson


September 2013- June 2014 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Arts University Bournemouth
September 2014- July 2017 BA Fine Art at Falmouth University
BA Fine Art Falmouth Univeristy 2017
June 2018 Recent Graduates, Beside the Wave
November 2018 'Impression, Form, Rediscovery', Beside the WaveMay 2017 Falmouth University Degree Show, Woodlane Campus, Falmouth University
March 2017 Red Herring, Espressini, Falmouth
March 2017 Ruby Hall & Ruth Watkinson, Good Vibes, Falmouth
February 2017 Is This Me?, The Printhouse, Sheffield
March 2016 Second Year Exhibition, Woodlane Campus Falmouth University
June 2015 Exhibition 1, Woodlane Campus, Falmouth University
July 2014 AUB Foundation Exhibition

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