Sarah Wimperis: An Essence of Place

26th April - 17th May 2019

Sarah Wimperis: An Essence of Place

In our current climate, I believe art should be escapismart really does have so many roles and guises. I personally, want art to draw attention to the moment, drawing my attention. Perhaps art is an act of meditation, lingering over a glimpse or a feeling created by an effect of light. It's a fleeting thing that I try to think about and worship and make important by creating art. I paint because it is the way that I talk to myself, it's my own personal language, calming me down and making sense of my world. It's not profound or important it's just my fundamental way of communicating with myself.
My painting's live's start as a scribble or a sketch, then it becomes a brush drawing on a reddish ground, then I get going with paint and colour, trying to build up a sense of form using the direction of brush strokes and patterns. Depending on the painting, narratives play a role in the work. I tell myself the story as I work sometimes but I find I don't like to share that bit too much as I think people bring their own story to paintings. For me the most important part of a painting, is light, and paint- I love a good dollop of paint, and I love the creation of light. In terms of medium, I like the juiciness of the colour in oil paints, it has a generosity to it and I like seeing colours woven together. I also use watercolours and I like density of colour that can be achieved with layering and weaving, I also like the accidents which can be achieved through watercolour. No matter the medium, I am always trying to capture light, mood, essence of a place and memory; trying to get the viewer to feel happy and transported to a fine and lovely place
I am continuously inspired by things I see and read but recently I saw the Van Gogh in Britain exhibition at Tate and Sorolla at the National Gallery, both so brilliant that I thought I would have a heart attack! Sorolla's use of light and the energy and emotion in Van Gogh's work really moved me. In terms of looking forward into my own practice, I want to go big, I want to try very big plein air paintings.
Sarah Wimperis May 2019

Sarah lives and works on the Helford. She has adapted a van into her own unique mobile studio that enables her to spend her time travelling, teaching and painting across the UK and Europe. Her work is painted en plein air in oils or watercolour, with larger works being completed in her studio. She is a keen sketchbook keeper and has recently begun releasing these exquisite books, with each page an original painting, as final works in themselves.This show 'Essence of Place' is a culmination of work produced by Sarah in studio over the past 18 months and is as varied as it is beautiful. The combination of colour, light and differing mark making conveys a sense of urgency to make that is crucial to Sarah's practice. This exhibition shows her interest in capturing moment, translating this into visual snapshots that can be truly felt by the viewer.

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