“Studying at Falmouth University brought me down to this beautiful harbour town in the autumn of 2021. My days have been dedicated to studying graphic design, however my evenings and weekends are when I get to embrace my love for creating art and exploring the stunning coastline and towns that surround us. Being in the unique town that is Falmouth, has played a vital role in developing my artistic style.”

“My monochrome pointillism drawings are how I tell my stories. Through each dot, I aim to immerse you in the landscape, feeling the coastal breeze and radiating sunshine. My drawings start from photos I take, followed by hours spent on perfectly placing each dot to reinvent the landscape, choosing to adjust shadows and contrast, until the scene is exactly how I want it. What my drawings lack in size I make up for in detail, allowing you to notice new elements each time you look at them.”

“Although new to the local art scene, I believe my work brings a unique take on the Cornish landscape, and I’m excited to continue to gain inspiration from all it has to offer.” – Alex Haxton