Amanda Hoskin is one of the leading exponents of modern impressionism in Cornwall. She grew up in Cornwall and after studying at Falmouth School of Art and Chelsea College she became a freelance wildlife illustrator, living and working in London.

In the early 1990s she returned to Cornwall. Focusing on skies and the Cornish coast, Amanda experimented with various techniques and mediums working in a more expressive and fluid way, paying close attention to detail of light, she soon found her own impressionistic style that  her work is known for  today.

Beside The Wave is proud to have represented Amanda since the early 2000s.

Painting outdoors, in the tradition of the Impressionists, Amanda is masterful in capturing the momentary and transient effects of light, not through line and contour, but in thick brushstrokes of paint which create the ‘impression’ of the landscape before her.

“As ever, I find that getting started is the hardest part of creating a new body of work, but the more I paint, the more freely ideas flow and the more I feel that I can relax into the process. As I paint, everything else gets held at bay and only the painting matters; I am completely ‘there’ and in the moment, and the challenges of day to day life simply melt away. In this way the collection grows organically, and in time I sense that a body of work that genuinely belongs together is being created.”