Amy was the winner of the Midas Award and Outstanding prize at the International E.Sun awards in 2022. Her paintings have been exhibited internationally, recently in Taiwan and USA, as well as numerous solo shows in the UK.

Amy Albright was born in Cornwall and is a University College Falmouth Fine Art graduate. A long standing resident at Krowji Studios, Redruth,  Amy lives on the North coast of Cornwall and tutors occasionally at St Ives school of painting in St Ives. Amy is known for her expressive, yet subtle style of using oil paint

Collections of Amy’s work are held in hotels and institutions world wide, More recently Amy was commissioned by SAGA and P&O Cruises to produce many large paintings for their luxury cruise ships.

“Layering the paint, starting off loose, I use expressive gestural marks outlining my composition and then begin a timely process of ‘reining it in’ by blending, fading, pouring and glazing the oil paint in numerous layers, as though an atmospheric cloud has enveloped. Sometimes I incorporate dendrite branch like details as an anchor in an otherwise ethereal world, or the patterns of the way water finds it way though sand on the shore.An explorer and lover of the natural world, the underwater world and the ever changing elements; I take inspiration from my travels, recently Iceland and the dynamic changing weather, tides and coastline of Cornwall where I live. The boundaries of where land and water merge is an ongoing and perhaps never ending focus for the artist.”