Annie has been interested in ceramics since her first encounters with clay at Worcester Techinal College. After a year’s study of Three Dimensional Design at Ravensbourne College of Art and Design, she studied Ceramics at the Central School of Art in London. During her time there she became excited by the possibilities of the often unpredictable qualities of raku and the characteristics offered by different clays.

Recent work has been making hand built pots that have a smoothness and intimacy of inscribed pebbles. To Annie, the surface decoration comes about quite intuitively but has its source in her love of nature and natural forms.

“In my hand built ceramics I maintain a simplicity and directness of shape, colour and surface throughout the whole process of making. I often burnish my pots several times which enables me to really get to know the characteristics of individual pieces. The drawn decoration also allows a similar intimacy with the form.”