Cat’s jewellery is designed to inspire confidence and joy in the women who wear it.  Understated forms in silver and gold are brought to life with gorgeous texture and exuberant coloured gemstones – each hand-crafted piece designed to enhance your individuality and style.

Everything is made in small batches (many pieces are one-of-a-kind), and no piece will ever be exactly the same as another.  In every piece you will see Cat Stacey’s hand – from her signature hammered texture, to meticulously hand-wrapped gemstones; every detail has been carefully considered and crafted with care and skill.

This minimal but meaningful jewellery is infused with a little of the magic you’ll find here in Cornwall. The landscapes here are like no other – lush, dramatic, vibrant. You’ll find this inspiration reflected in Cat’s jewellery, from nature-inspired forms to the colour palette. But perhaps most magic of all is our unique pace of life. In Cornwall, we slow down and take in the beauty that surrounds us. Cat’s pieces are filled with small and beautiful details; your reminder to pause, look around you, and drink in life.