Emma Dunbar is a painter who predominantly works with still life scenes, with rich colours and simplified forms, her work is both simple yet elegant. Her sources of inspiration are clearly depicted in these works, the everyday life given a spotlight to shine. With a highly decorative interpretation, the works are full of vitality and energy.

“What excites me about making pictures is trying to capture the essence of a place, a feeling, a thing. I am attracted to vivid colours and the decorative qualities in everyday objects. I enjoy rearranging my ingredients, for instance moving all the red boats on the beach next to the pink tractor for a stronger effect. Birds, shells, flowers and fish might be placed against true landmarks as focal points. My pictures are therefore more atmospheric than literal. My aim is to end up with my gathered ingredients – glimpses of journeys, patterns from familiar settings and objects collected along the way – converging to create an image that communicates the richness of the original source of inspiration.”