Erin completed an Art Foundation course at Blackpool College of Art and then went onto to do a BA Hons Fine Art degree at Northumbria University

“I work from memory, using the landscape as a starting point for a painting. I then let the process of painting itself take over until it forms the response that I am after. I paint in an energetic, semi-abstract way using a limited palette; often mixing the colours directly onto the canvas, using rags, palette knives and sometimes my fingers, building up the paint from transparent washes to thick impasto in focal areas.

My recent series of works are inspired from visits to coastal regions, particularly the East Coast, Cornwall, and Norfolk, spending time walking the coastal paths. Areas where the sea meets the land and rivers, where salt water meets fresh water are a fascination. Hard rock against water, the meeting of two extremes. Light and weather also play an important part in my work.”