Captivated by the alchemy of clay during my foundation, I knew there was so much more to discover so I started an Applied Arts course at Plymouth College of Art. After graduating with a Ceramics BA I made my way back to my hometown, Bristol, where I acquired a space in a ceramics studio, marking the start of my journey as a craftsperson. Since then I was awarded a place on the Crafts Council Hothouse program, took part in a one year Ceramic Artist is Residency, exhibited in many fairs and galleries and am now part of a co-operative studio in the heart of Bristol.

Craft – The starting point for every object is a ball of porcelain. I enjoy slowly transforming the material through slab building and throwing to create the components for each individual section. After each firing the object is polished to show off and feel the true beauty of the vitrified porcelain.

Line – The presence of the line in my work is a visual representation of the construction and a trace of my own craftsmanship embedded in each piece. Constructed with coloured slip, fettling reveals the joins and leaves a visual trace and presence of my hand. These lines, ever so lightly raised from the piece provide a tactile connection between my maker’s marks and the user.

Function – Each piece has been designed to fit harmoniously in the hand and feel effortless when in use. When the user is embraced with the vessel it’s a moment given to enjoy the act, be it drinking, pouring or juicing. I believe each piece enhances and provides satisfaction to the most simple and complex moments of alchemy in the kitchen.

Inspiration –Inspiration arrives from antique kitchenware and when I am immersed in my own culinary acts, whilst cooking, sharing food at the table or my favourite topic, sharing recipes. Made from porcelain the clean simple design of each piece aims to capture the spirit created from these honest conversations and the feelings of joy when cooking; and I believe these emotions come alive and are passed on again when being used at the table with friend and family and most importantly when in the hands of its owner.