Lamorna creates porcelain bowls filled with striking precious metal lustres. The bowls are wheel thrown, organic and individual in form. Lamorna works intuitively with the clay to shape each piece in the moment and without a pre thought out design. Each bowl is fired four times. After initial bisque and glaze firings they are then painted with gold lustre, a liquid medium containing particles of 22ct gold. After the lustre is applied, the bowls are fired again to burn off the organic binder and fuse the melted gold onto the porcelain. To obtain a rich warm gold Lamorna applies a second layer of lustre and then the bowls are fired for a forth time to reach their finished state.

After a career in London as a special needs teacher Lamorna moved back to Cornwall to raise her young twins and started studying ceramics with Jason Waston and Christine Feiler at the Penzance Art School. She now works from her studio near St Just, West Cornwall.