Nancy Crewe is a Falmouth based painter.

Her preoccupation with place and the landscape is the main influence for her work, attempting to capture part of the Genis Loci of a place. Looking at the relationship between painter and place, Nancy aims to transpose this connection on to canvas.

Working mainly from films she has collected from car windows, train journeys and walks, Nancy is able to continue to experience the landscape while watching the films back in her studio. She then approaches painting in stages, building up layers of paint. With each wash an image can be morphed into the memory of what has been seen and experienced; with the aim of creating an painting which alludes to our emotional connection with particular places.

With her most recent group of paintings Things Above Nancy has focussed on the skies and their interaction with the Cornish landscape.

“The last year has been like no other. The quietness of the beaches, waters and air around us due to lockdown has allowed me to experience the landscape in a new way. From new vantage points and with new perspectives. There was something about seeing the landscape breathe again, that gave me a way to feel hopeful in the face of sadness. The clouds changing, the weather fronts rolling in, the rare sighting of a vapour trail in an undisturbed sky, the gentle fields and the trees stoic and wise; allowed me to think more about humanity’s collective consciousness- our sorrow in this time but also the life, the land and the joys that connect us. We are all under one sky.” – Nancy Crewe 2021


2013 BA Hons Fine Art: Falmouth University

Foundtion Diploma Art & Design: Central St Martins