Richard Tuff has been represented by Beside The Wave since 1989, developing a strong following of collectors from across the UK who follow his career with avid interest. Originally from Manchester, Richard moved to Cornwall in 1988 after a career in textile design.

Richard Tuff’s paintings may appear almost naive, but this appearance belies the complexity and maturity of his painterly skills. They are rich and strong yet contain an array of subtle changes in light and tone to produce a comprehensive depiction of the scene he is painting.

He carefully studies subject matter, encapsulating the essence or feeling of a place- often disregarding the natural order of things. With a sympathetic and diverse range of painterly skills, Richard’s work is an escape for the viewer-transporting you seamlessly to the place that lies within the painterly plane.

“To be able to experience the great contrasts of scenery is one of the great joys about living in Cornwall; it is only a short trip from our home on the north coast to the peaceful creeks and sailing waters of the South. I seek to emphasise the tranquillity of this area with a palette of cool blues and greens, using the gentlest and most harmonious tones to express this sense.”