“The joy of making things by hand and a sense of bringing materials to life is what I love about jewellery making. I work intuitively and in response to exquisite textures and forms in nature, creating art to be worn and enjoyed by others. I collect and draw without knowing exactly how the information will be used”.

“I love to use traditional jeweller’s hand tools. I am a passionate advocate of contemporary applied arts and value high quality craftsmanship. I am excited by the endless possibilities of working in gold and silver. Both are wonderfully ductile and can be melted, fused, rolled, compressed and drawn out. I work experimentally, exploiting these unique properties. A design grows out of the material, evolves in response to the process and comes to its own natural conclusion. Whilst the processes are carefully controlled and refined, there are lively, unpredictable elements and an openness to chance and happy accidents. The outcome is essentially an abstract piece informed by observation and formed through an understanding of materials and processes.”