Working from her studio in Cellardyke, Scotland, Vanessa makes sawdust fired pots and a range of coloured glazed stoneware and porcelain tableware.

She has been working as a potter in Scotland for over 20 years. Vanessa is a Professional member of the Craft Potters Association, London and has a degree in Sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art.

Her work is displayed in galleries throughout the UK.

“Over time I have developed my own technique of using slip as a resist and for texture to pattern my sawdust fired pots. My pots have also become smaller so they can be held in the hand as they have a tactile nature and sit well either on their own or in groups. Each firing is different depending on the weather and type of wood used so you can never be quite sure how a firing is going to work out. I have a fantastic source of sawdust providing me with a huge range of different types, so I have recently been experimenting with elm, cherry and sycamore along with using oak and pine.

The inspiration for my work comes from stones found along the sea shore. I love the different mix of colours and shapes you find together which I try to reflect with my pots.”