Blue Opal Rock Pool Ring

Beautifully included with seaweed like forms, the Peruvian Blue Opal in this ring is like a rock pool, stunning examples of the rare national stone of Peru. The colours are often likened to the Caribbean sea but the Cornwall coast is closer to home, the rock pools are stunning and the sea is the most wonderful blue-green.

Peruvian Blue Opals are only found in the Andes in Peru and are therefore quite rare. I have chosen stones with dendritic inclusions in them which look to me like seaweed in rockpools in summer. This ring will give you so much pleasure as a reminder of warm days and long sunny afternoons messing about at the beach.

Genuine Peruvian Blue Opals are only mined in the Andes and are held in great regard as the country’s national stone.

The stone is said to encourage creativity, soften the effects of stress and brings courage. 

– Size N

– Recycled silver and Peruvian Blue Opal


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Artist: Lucy Spink