Hailing from Austria with a German-British background, Annette specialises in Kurinuki—an intricate Japanese technique involving the carving and hollowing of clay blocks. Her artistic journey began with a BA in Artist Designer Maker from Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Annette’s ceramics have been showcased at the British Art Fair at Saatchi and the London Art Fair with the gallery Modern Clay. While studying her MA at the Royal College of Art, Annette embarked on a journey of experimentation—pushing boundaries through unconventional application methods, diverse firing techniques, and innovative forms.

Her collection of tea bowls, cups and jars serves as a testament to her profound ties to the sea, her innate fascination with geology, and a passion for the art of clay carving. Annette Lindenberg’s work brings together technical skill and personal connections, where clay becomes a canvas for storytelling.

“I often have sea references in my work as I associated the seaside with a sense of calm when I was younger- we would come over to visit from Austria and it felt like a novelty to get to be by the sea and it often still does”. – Annette Lindenberg 2023

Rock Pools Tea Bowl detail