Annette Lindenberg is a German/British ceramicist, originally from Austria, who specialises in Kurinuki- the Japanese method of hollowing and carving blocks of clay. Since graduating with an MA in Ceramics and Glass from the Royal College of Art in 2021, she has shown at numerous high end shows including the British Art Fair at the Saatchi Gallery, the London Art Fair and Collect at Somerset House. Her work, which focuses on a delicate balance between nature and artefact, sits in various private collections around the world and she was commissioned this year to feature at the UN as part of an international ceremony.

Annette’s ceramics are made from a variety of specialist clays and her own unique glazes which are all produced at her London studio. Much of her inspiration stems from her interest in geology and creating a feeling of a ‘tender wilderness’ through a mixture of textures, tones and forms.